I plan to organize this blog as a project repo of sorts. I wanted a way to organize my ideas, projects, and thoughts and so EE projects was born. Along the way I may create a couple sub sections talking about best practices, open-source tools (and how I use them) and most likely a random section for other cool stuff I like.

This serves as two purposes. The first being a place to share my projects with the world and the other is to make these projects more "real". Now what do I mean by that. As humans it's very easy to procrastinate, especially when there's no goal. By putting my work on the web to share and by talking about it I am making these projects more like a project I would do at work. This gives me a goal that I can work towards and will stay focused.


My long term goal is to design and build an autonomous flying drone. Now this won't be your run of the mill drone, but rather a new twist on how a drone can fly and act. I have a few ideas as to what I would like to achieve, but it's in its early stages.

This blog will serve as place to work on my goal as well as what was needed to get there and what I have learned along the way.


Each project I do will be towards the autonomous drone (maybe a few side projects for fun). I know enough now on what I need to get there. Basically it's tools (in the form of custom PCBs, software, mechanical structures, etc) and knowledge to make those tools.

I plan to share all my work, I believe in open-source/open-hardware. We can learn from each other to advance technology and do some pretty cool stuff! I also plan to make this more challenging and try my hardest to only use open-source tools.


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I am an Electrical Engineer by profession specializing in hardware (PCB/Schematic stuff) and system/architecture design. In addition I use HDL programming for FPGAs (i.e. VHDL/Verilog) and C/Assembly for micro-controllers. I also have experience programming in C#.


GitHub: (All the good stuff!)