Sunday, September 4, 2016

Update Sept 2016

Slightly over two years since my last post, how time flies.

Now what happened... Well, shortly after starting this blog two years ago I took a new position at a tech startup. If you're reading this blog and have worked at a startup tech company before then you will understand why I disappeared for the last two years. Startups will consume all of your time and mental energy. But at the same time they are super fun and challenging, I love it!

I have mostly gone through all the very difficult stuff like creating a product from whiteboard to production in 6 months, with no resources, no money and daily requirements changes. The picture below pretty much sums it up.

With all that aside, I wanted to get back to my blog and home projects. During the last two years I have actually still been thinking of projects I want to work on and the occasional research here and there. It was hard to actually get into it since so much of my time was dedicated to work and personal life.

My first goal to get my hands on a development board so that I can brush up on some skills and jump back into my long term goal of designing an autonomous drone, see about page for more info.

Stay tuned...

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  1. Hey Basel, nice blog!
    And yes, we are now even in a little bit more busy than startup situation :)